Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Peanut Butter loves Bananas

For my second entry in this month's Iron Cupcake baking contest, I wanted to try to recreate a cupcake based on one of my favorite childhood foods: the peanut butter and banana sandwich! I would get so excited when I opened my fabulously chic CareBears lunchbox and find a PB&Banana sandwich in there! I think they usually appeared towards the end of the school week when we were running low on lunch supplies, but they were such a treat to me! Seriously, it's like eating dessert for you are totally getting away with something. Which is exactly why I decided to turn that sandwich into a dessert!

These cupcakes are made up of a deliciously sweet banana cake and are topped with creamy peanut butter frosting. I then rolled the edges in chopped honey roasted peanuts to give it a little more texture and crunch!

Anything banana always smells so good while it is baking and these cupcakes were no exception! I could barely wait for them to cool so I could top them with the peanut butter frosting and take a bite! While these take a little longer to pull together than the sandwich that inspired them, I think they are definitely worth it!

If you like baking with bananas but are trying to get in bathing suit shape since it is almost time for summer, check out this banana bread recipe on my food blog!

Once again, I'm competing with fabulous bakers around the world for the following great prizes:

A Bunnycake Easter Plushie by DOGBONEART, whimsical piece by CAKEASAURUS, well as a pair of cupcake earrings from LOTS OF SPRINKLES at collection of all new printed cupcake liners, 200 in all from Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Cupcakery,, IronCupcake:Earth can not forget our good friend, CAKESPY,, who is now going to be doing a piece for our winner each month until further notice - sweet!Last and certainly not least, don’t forget our corporate prize providers: HEAD CHEFS by FIESTA PRODUCTS,, HELLO CUPCAKE by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson,, JESSIE STEELE APRONS; TASTE OF HOME books,; a t-shirt from UPWITHCUPCAKES.COM Iron Cupcake:Earth is sponsored in part by 1-800-Flowers, . And as a special thank you, we would like to once again thank DIANAEVANS - for her participation in the February challenge. An incorrect link was posted and we want to be sure that she gets the recognition she deserves. Thanks again Diana!

Voting will begin no later than Sunday, March 29 at 8 p.m. at NO ONE PUTS CUPCAKE IN A CORNER, and will be open through Friday, April 3 at 12 noon.

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