Monday, February 16, 2009

Cold Stone Cupcakes

I'd be surprised if this press release escaped the attention of any of us that love cupcakes! I was a little overzealous in tracking these little guys down and dragged my husband and sister to Cold Stone a couple weekends ago...and much to my disappointment, Orlando is apparently behind the eight ball and hadn't gotten their cupcake act together yet!

(graphic from Cold Stone's website)

So back we went again this weekend and I was so excited to see these cupcakes sitting in the freezer case! They were out of the Cake Batter Delux which I REALLY wanted to try so I settled for a pack of Double Chocolate Devotion instead. Let's face it, I was going to try them all at some point of another anyway.

Wow, these cupcakes are so good! This particular one is made up of Devil's Food Cake, Fudge, Chocolate Icecream, White Frosting, and Oreo and an amazingly delicious Belgian chocolate shell to hold it all together! I'll definitely be going back to try the other flavors!

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Cali Cakes said...

Oh I am going to have to track this down for sure. I am crazy about their cake batter ice cream. <3