Monday, December 22, 2008

Chocolate Covered Cherry Cupcakes

When I was little my parents didn't give me too many sweets. The pediatrician had told them that if I didn't have them, I wouldn't develop a taste for the sweet stuff. And it all seemed to be working according to plan until I found a box of chocolate covered cherries hidden under my nana's chair when we were visiting our grandparents for Christmas. I wasn't much older than 3 when I made the discovery...which I promptly stole away with and hid out behind the chair. I was caught not too much later after my slurping sounds gave me away...but not before I bit all the tops off every chocolate covered cherry in that box! From then on I've fostered and nourished quite a sweet tooth...but chocolate covered cherries are still a favorite!

I frosted these chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate covered cherry center with dark chocolate frosting (my favorite!) Aren't they cute?

I came up with this idea for a cupcake after this month's Iron Cupcake challenge was to create something that included chocolate with a "twist." I'm not 100% satisfied with the end results so I won't actually end up entering them...I tried freezing the chocolate covered cherries but they still resulted in sticky cupcake liners. I might have to find away to get the chocolate covered cherry taste without taking the easy route of actually using chocolate covered cherries!

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