Monday, October 27, 2008

Faux-stess Cupcakes

Growing up, I was definitely one of the kids that packed lunch (well...I really should say I was one of the kids fortunate enough to have a mom that didn't want me eating pizza, chicken patties or french fries on a daily basis). The highlight of every lunch period was getting to the bottom of the brown bag and finding some kind of delicious Hostess treat! I always loved the cupcakes and the HoHos....while I might have finagled a trade for the pretzels or sandwich I had on any given day...I never parted with the snackcake. Never.

So as I continue to try new-to-me ideas for cupcake recipes, creating my own version of that tasty little cupcake seemed like a good idea. Here is my "faux-stess" cupcake...complete with filling! I used a cream cheese and chocolate chip filling to spice it up a bit. It never hurts to add cream cheese and/or chocolate chips!

Speaking of Hostess...have you tried these little guys? Really quite tasty for just 100 calories!

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